UNDP: Circular Economy

Training Design, Design Thinking Workshop

A design thinking workshop that encouraged stakeholders to ideate on a national data platform for the circular economy.


The Philippines still lacks a circular economy policy or framework despite the waste crisis in the country. Using design thinking, participants from the public and private sectors discussed what a national data platform would look like and the responsibilities of each group. 

It was a fruitful session full of ideas, but most of all, the workshop created one goal for the circular economy platform, which the entire group pledged commitment to.

Subject Matter Preparation: 

With such a technical topic, all facilitators and co-facilitators made sure to read up on the circular economy and its challenges. The team also personalized the materials to fit the participant's context.   

Workshop Delivery 

During the workshop, the team provided countless concrete examples and specific questions that allowed the participants to easily imagine what a data platform could look like.

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