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We are a Global Social Innovation Company

Since 2018, Limitless Lab has helped hundreds of various organization and individuals on solving complex challenges using design thinking. We co-design impactful solutions while putting our customers and clients at the center of our process.

Our Limitless Mission

Imagine wanting to empower the youth in your community or creating a solution that will help eliminate plastic straws. Imagine wanting to create a better world. That's precisely our mission at Limitless Lab.

We're constantly asking ourselves, "How can we create solutions, products, and services that put people and society first?" It's a big question, but we know we can make this possible together with our partners and clients.


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Meet the team behind the innovations

The best innovation starts with the best people. Here in Limitless Lab, we make sure that you only work with agile, impact-driven, and empathetic individuals.

"driven & friendly"

Joie Cruz

CEO, Founder

Joie founded Limitless Lab in 2017, with the goal of helping progressive teams and individuals turn their ideas into reality and create more social impact. Her lifelong mission is to help people realize their creative potential and their "limitless" within.

"driven & friendly"
"driven & friendly"

Nicu Villanueva

Chief Pathfinder, Co-founder

Nicu adds the flavor of quality and process-oriented approaches in producing impactful innovation. He partners with orgs and communities mapping out the 'what', figuring out the 'why' and finding out the 'how'.

"driven & friendly"
"driven & friendly"

Jan Jansalin

Chief Digital Alchemist, Co-founder

With the belief that tech is a tool for complex problems, Jan delves into the intersection of computer networking, cybersecurity and DRR while ensuring individual digital and human rights are protected.

"driven & friendly"
"driven & friendly"

Kaile Aquino

Project Manager

Kaile is our resident community growth expert. Through the power of collaboration, she thrives on building and growing communities where people can learn, engage and co-create solutions.

"driven & friendly"
"driven & friendly"

Claire Linatoc

Content Specialist & Lead for Content

Besides handling a bulk of the content for Limitless Lab and its clients, Claire is a passionate volunteer that hopes to create a better Philippines for the younger generation.

"driven & friendly"
"driven & friendly"

Matt Matias

Training Specialist, Lead for Training

Matt wants to help communities create sustainable solutions to age-long problems through organic people movements that transform the way we live.

"driven & friendly"
"driven & friendly"

Sarah Cheung

Associate UX Designer

As a multidisciplinary designer, Sarah is a versatile individual who is constantly in pursuit of purposeful and impactful design in hopes to bring social good.

"driven & friendly"
"driven & friendly"

Michelle Garceron

HR & Admin Associate

Michelle is our rockstar HR and Admin lead. She's eager to achieve our social development goals and believes you must continuously learn to make this happen.

"driven & friendly"
"driven & friendly"

Ange Encomienda

Project Development Associate

With her penchant for project development, Ange enjoys breaking barriers with the youth, women, indigenous peoples, and local communities by co-creating knowledge for national innovation.

"driven & friendly"
"driven & friendly"

Kyle Vergaño

Senior Full Stack Developer

As our resident web developer, Kyle enjoys exploring new programming and digital currency technologies. He also relishes creating new technologies that will help create a better world.

"driven & friendly"

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