PWR Up: Innovation Camp

Training Design, Customized Workshop

A 3-week customized camp where GBF scholars learned how to use design thinking to create innovative solutions.

Gokongwei Brothers Foundation

The usual STEM curriculum focuses on hard and technical skills but ignores soft skills. To answer this, we created a 3-week camp that teaches Gokongwei Brothers Foundation (GBF) scholars design thinking and how they can use it in innovation.


Kick-Off and Ideation 

The team met with the GBF team to discuss their scholars' challenges and the customized workshop's potential aspects. To help both teams brainstorm for the workshop, we created proto-personas during the meeting to dig deep into the potential problems of GBF scholars. 

Learning Delivery Experience

The team then personalized the workshop experience by highlighting innovation in the design thinking curriculum and using visually striking branding that showcases science and innovation. 

Workshop Delivery 

What was crucial about the workshop was that the scholars received mentorship from the co-Limitless Lab team on top of design thinking lessons, which helped in their prototype creation.

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