PWR Up: Innovation Camp

Training Design, Customized Workshop

A 3-week online camp where GBF scholars learned how to use design thinking to create innovative solutions.

Gokongwei Brothers Foundation

How might we teach STEM scholars an innovative mindset using the framework of design thinking?


A 3-week online camp full of design thinking activities. Students also designed and presented a low-fi prototype of their innovative solution to an esteemed panel of judges as their capstone project.


The usual STEM curriculum focuses on hard, technical skills, but innovation requires a mix of both the technical and the humane. Together with the Gokongwei Brothers Foundation, we created PWR Up: Innovation Camp, a 3-week long camp that teaches GBF scholars the power of innovation using design thinking as a framework. With our lineup of activities, the scholars not only practice their critical-thinking skills, but also their communication and collaboration.


Limitless Lab first conducted a co-design workshop with the GBF team. There we focused on participant personas, so we got a clearer picture of what benefited them from this camp. We also realized the kind of learning experience they would find enjoyable online. Once we collected our findings, we edited our innovation curriculum to fit their needs and ran multiple curriculum checks with the GBF team to ensure we were hitting the mark.

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We learned so much about how we can (be) innovative in our community and we are so inspired to continue what we have started. Limitless Lab, and the entire Bayanivation team, are indeed blessings to all of us barangay innovators

Barangay Balud, Leyte

Barangay Poblacion is grateful for the support they have received from the Local Government Unit and their partner agencies. This program helped bring the residents, public servants and youth leaders to co-create solutions and address community challenges.

Barangay Poblacion, Burgos

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