PNB Sprint: Mindful CX Transformation

Training Design, Customized Workshop

A two-day gamified learning experience that teaches innovation and design thinking methodologies to PNB employees.


The Philippine National Bank (PNB) is one of the Philippines' largest banks with over 700 branches and 5,000 employees. With the rapid growth of technology and customer preferences, the institution wants to jumpstart a culture of innovation in its employees.

The experience generated a total of 15 prototyped ideas created by PNB employees, which were then showcased to the senior leadership of the bank.

Learning Experience Design 

One of the key experiences in the sprint was gamification through a scavenger hunt mobile app. The team created games, clues, riddles, and even QR codes that the participants had to solve.   

Workshop Delivery

On top of the gamification, getting executive support was a key point for success. Top leaders attended and participated in the scavenger hunt. While the PNB President and CEO Wick Veloso also addressed the employees. Fifteen prototyped ideas were created and showcased to senior leadership. 

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