Design Thinking for Social Enterprises

Training Design, Design Thinking Workshop

A branding and prototype workshop for entrepreneurs in Bangsamoro which aims to strengthen the branding of their small businesses.

The Moropreneur, Inc.

The Moropreneur, Inc. (TMI) is a social enterprise builder in Mindanao and aims to empower marginalized Bangsamoro communities to create their social enterprise products. With their communities now creating products, they tapped the Limitless Lab team to coach the entrepreneurs on how to improve their branding and packaging. 


Workshop Delivery

To give the participants a hands-on experience, they brought their ready products, which they used as a base for the packaging and branding exercises. Participants also pitched their improved branding and packaging to their fellow participants. 

Post-Training Support 

As part of the partnership, our in-house visual designer also improved the branding and packaging of the participants, which they used later on.

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