ASEAN Data Science Explorers

Innovation Program

A series of train the trainers workshops about data analytics and SAP analytics Cloud, which aims to teach the youth necessary tech skills.

ASEAN Foundation

The youth must have the necessary tech skills to survive in the fourth industrial revolution. The Philippines, however, suffers the most in terms of social and economic inequality, with the digital divide getting bigger and bigger each day.  The ASEAN Foundation and SAP hope to heal this digital divide through a series of data analytics training sessions. They tapped the Limitless Lab team to spearhead the Train the Trainers workshop and implementation phase.

The Limitless Lab managed the 25 master trainers and ensured that these trainers would uphold their commitment to training 800 disadvantaged youth.

Master Trainers Selection:

The program's success depended on the Master Trainers, who would run individual training sessions in their communities. Thus, Limitless Lab carefully selected 25 Master Trainers who submitted their resumes during the program's start.

Train the Trainers Workshop

Limitless Lab, together with ASEAN and SAP, then delivered train-the-trainer sessions to the Master Trainers on design thinking, data analytics, and SAP analytics.

After Training Engagement

Limitless Lab then created a gamified system on social that recognized and boosted the morale of the trainers, which helped make the program successful.

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