#DigiTalino: ASEAN Digital Literacy Toolkit

Toolkit Design, Customized Workshop

Using design thinking as its framework, we created a comprehensive curriculum about digital literacy and how to fight misinformation and disinformation, which will be taught to more than 10,000 all over the Philippines.

ASEAN Foundation
Google Foundation, Break the Fake Movement

How might we create a digital literacy curriculum that will equip underserved sectors such as teachers, youth, PWDs, and senior citizens against misinformation and disinformation?


#DigiTalino is a 2-hour workshop complete with a facilitator's deck, guide, and activities designed to teach the underserved sectors about digital literacy and equip them with the tools they need to fight against misinformation and disinformation or the so-called fake news.


The Philippines is battling an infodemic. The COVID-19 crisis and the 2022 Philippine elections have shown us that now more than ever, we need to fight against this so-called fake news. Together with the ASEAN Foundation, Google Foundation, and Break the Fake Movement, we have created #DigiTalino (DigiSmart), a two-hour workshop designed to teach participants the basics of digital literacy and equip them with the tools they need to spot misinformation and disinformation. The workshop and its curriculum was designed to be quick, practical, and engaging, where participants will go through a storylike game where they can even choose the main character they can relate with. Participants who finish the workshop will be #DigiTalino and will be encouraged to share their new tools with their loved ones.

“We are proud to support the ASEAN Foundation and local organizations, Break the Fake Movement and Limitless Lab in empowering people across the region with crucial media literacy skills that will be key in enabling them to remain vigilant as they navigate an increasingly online world.” - Marija Ralic, Lead for Google.org APAC.

The Limitless Lab team went through the entire design thinking framework to make this curriculum possible. We first went through a series of interviews with different stakeholders to get a sense of what digital literacy is for them and what their challenges were when faced with fake news. With insights in-hand, we conducted a successful design sprint where we quickly pinpointed key insights and grouped them. One of the key insights we gathered was the need to strengthen the habit of searching, which jumpstarted our ideation session. Using our best ideas, we started our lo-fi curriculum before creating a full design complete with a storyline and relatable characters. This was crucial to make it more engaging for the typical Filipino.

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We learned so much about how we can (be) innovative in our community and we are so inspired to continue what we have started. Limitless Lab, and the entire Bayanivation team, are indeed blessings to all of us barangay innovators

Barangay Balud, Leyte

Barangay Poblacion is grateful for the support they have received from the Local Government Unit and their partner agencies. This program helped bring the residents, public servants and youth leaders to co-create solutions and address community challenges.

Barangay Poblacion, Burgos

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