Accelerate Online Padyan

UI/UX Design

A digital platform that supports and empowers women entrepreuners and women-led businessness from the Bangsamoro region.

The Asia Foundation

Bangsamoro is a region full of business opportunities. The women, in particular, feel empowered enough to start their businesses so they can have added income for themselves and their families. Despite the fantastic products they sell, these women do not know how else they can market their products, especially during COVID-19, when face-to-face bazaars and trade fairs were prohibited. The Asian Foundation and VISA Foundation tapped Limitless Lab to help design a potential solution that can help expand the livelihood of Moro women, thus creating Accelerate Online Padyan.


Limitless Lab started the project with countless empathy interviews with our primary stakeholders - the Moro businesswoman and the community leaders who work closely with them. After a series of empathy interviews, we crafted the site's information architecture, design systems, and wireframes. Real users then tested the first versions of the site, and we used the feedback for further development.

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