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February 28, 2023

Why learn design thinking with LL?

Ange Encomienda
February 28, 2023

Design thinking is the heart of Limitless Lab, and we use it everywhere. We use it to co-design innovative products and programs with our social development clients. We use it to improve our internal processes and culture. We even encourage employees to use it in their personal lives because we truly believe that design thinking is a powerful methodology that can help us solve complex problems. So, it's no surprise that we offer design thinking training workshops for organizations who want to run their own sessions. 

There are many design thinking workshops out there, and you might wonder, "Why should you choose Limitless Lab to facilitate your design thinking experience?"

Here are our top 6 reasons why you should choose the Limitless Lab design thinking workshop experience!

Customized experience

Some organizations that offer design thinking workshops deliver generalized training, meaning that you would receive the same training as others, no matter your context. 

But in Limitless Lab, we tailor the experience to your needs because a customized experience allows us to address your unique design challenges rather than produce cookie-cutter solutions.

Continuous learning

Some organizations do most of the talking when facilitating design thinking workshops. While we do our research on your specific challenge, we give you many opportunities to lead conversations because we recognize that you are the experts in your own fields. 

We are always eager to learn with you and from you! And we know every new design thinking experience is an opportunity to grow.

Focus on application

Some design thinking workshops focus almost entirely on theory, what the design thinking methodology is, and how to use it. But Limitless Lab doesn't just teach you about design thinking; we guide you in applying your newfound knowledge to real-world problems. 

At the workshop, you get to come up with innovations immediately!

Experienced facilitators

The Limitless Lab team is full of people with their own advocacies and passion projects. You can be assured that your facilitators are not just teachers but also innovators with on-ground community projects under their belt. 

As a bonus, we have close consultants who can serve as mentors and enrich your learning experience with their expertise!

Specialization in social innovation

Our specialization in social innovation takes a holistic and multidisciplinary approach. Whatever sector or field you are in, we can help you build win-win solutions for your team and the public good! 

We have worked with many partners from the fields of agriculture, digital literacy, circular economy, and more to drive more innovative and comprehensive solutions.

Trusted by the development sector

We are tried and tested by some of the biggest names in the development sector, from the government to private to civil society clients: NGAs, LGUs, USAID, ADB, UNDP, and many more. They come to us to receive top-notch training because they know we care about them and the impact we make together. 

Fun fact: Most of our partners are repeat clients!

You deserve an organization that has the will to customize your design thinking learning experience, the skills to teach, the mindset to learn, the experience to bring value, and the reputation to take care of you. Limitless Lab is here to meet your needs and support your goals. Let's make innovations together! 

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