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Choose Bangsamoro

A digital platform that hopes to educate the public about the Bangsamoro region while encouraging them to share their new learnings online.


A digital platform that aims to support law students while at the same time provide free legal assistance to Filipino marginalized communities.


Designing a campaign that provides stories of hope and inspiration while encouraging people to help communities affected by COVID-19.

Project One

Limitless Lab volunteered to be part of Design Sprint 1 of a series of design sprints aimed at redesigning the Philippine business registration system


An online platform that provides resources, opportunities, and mentoring to MSMEs to help them bounce back this COVID season.

Sarimanok Virtual Law Clinic

A digital platform that offers free legal services specifically to those in the Bangsamoro region.

USAID: Pause & Reflect

Using design thinking, we facilitated the reflection and planning of USAID and how they can improve the BEACON project.

DA-ATI Smart Farming Technologies

With the success of our Smart Farming 101 & 102 modules, we have conducted a DT workshop for our third module, focusing on Smart Agri Technologies.

UNDP: Circular Economy

Using the design thinking framework, we helped facilitate a workshop on circular economy and what a national data platform would look like.

PWR Up: Innovation Camp

A 3-week online camp where GBF scholars learned how to use design thinking to create innovative solutions.

ASEAN Data Science Explorers

A series of train the trainers workshops about data analytics and SAP analytics Cloud.

Digital Farmers Program

A three-phase education program designed to create future-ready farmers.


Our innovation competition where different barangays from all over the Philippines create impactful replicable solutions to solve local challenges.

Mabini PH

An easy-to-use tool that allows barangays to digitize their processes and transactions, making them more efficient.

Innovative Entrepreneur Kit

Create new products or services with our 7-day blueprint that has over 100 business and product cheat sheets and templates.


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Innovation Grounded on Insights

"Limitless Lab has found it easy to build rapport, not just with our team at The Asia Foundation, but also our project partners. Their competence and professionalism are undisputed, but what makes the project team stand out is their intuition and sensitivity over the needs and vision of their clients. This has been visibly embedded in their creative process. Throughout all the processes, the project team was always hands-on and willing to assist the partners even beyond the agreed original terms of reference."

Dynamic, Fresh, Relatable

"Working with Limitless lab is always top of mind especially when we need insights especially on design thinking and customer validation. Joie and the team always provide clear, concise and relevant discussions that our program attendees and community members find easy to understand, but also enjoyable to learn."

"It was a pleasure to work and partner up with Limitless Lab for the implementation of the ASEAN Data Science Explorers enablement session for underserved youths across the Philippines back in 2021. The organization also had the capacity to maintain the quality of the initiative to ensure that the target beneficiaries benefitted from it."

"ACCELERATE has been working with Limitless Lab in co-creating approaches to help women succeed as entrepreneurs. We co-developed the Choose Bangsamoro brand and identity, which will support opportunities and expand the market of local products from Bangsamoro."

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